Virat Kohli needs to record runs for himself: Saurav Ganguly 

Virat Kohli needs to record runs for himself: Saurav Ganguly  post thumbnail image

Virat Kohli, who has missed up to four whiteball appearances since the 2022 IPL, is poised to make a strong comeback to his dominant best. 

But before Virat Kohli returns, Sourav Ganguly, chairman of the BCCI, delivers his final message to Indian hitters. 

“He has to score for India, but he has to score for himself as well. We wish him a good season.” 

We are all sure he will be back said Ganguly. Saurab Ganguly speaking at a media event in Kolkata. 

“He’s a very big player and has been around for a long time. I know he has his own formula for scoring runs. 

It cannot be wasted*. 

If he wasn’t a great player, he wouldn’t have scored goals for so long,” Ganguly said. 

Earlier, India’s vice-captain KL Rahul was asked* the same question during the pre-match press conference about Kohli’s ongoing struggle and the  debate within the team over it. 


“He’s taking a break and working on his game. I was at home watching him on TV when I got hurt and I didn’t feel like he was out of shape. 

Virat hit really well. He clearly doesn’t live up to the standards he sets for himself. Kohli must be hungry to play for his country and win games. Virat Kohli has always done this throughout his career. His attitude has always been to win games for his home country. 

What Dravid said about Virat Kohli: 

Virat Kohli needs to record runs for himself: Saurav Ganguly 
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It was the same when I was captain, and it is still the case. “When a player is in that position, good things definitely happen. team is  

 We’re not worried and I don’t think he’s too worried either. 

We all want to have playtime of course, our main goal at this point is the World Championships. 

If the batsmen go into the World Championship in good shape, or  the bowlers have played enough games, 

They are confident enough for the tournament. 

And that’s what we’re trying to achieve as a team,” Rahul said.

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