MS Dhoni can only be played abroad like CSA T20: BCCI officially announced 

MS Dhoni can only be played abroad like CSA T20: BCCI officially announced  post thumbnail image

CSK captain MS Dhoni may have retired from international cricket but will also need to retire from the IPL to play for a foreign team or take on a role, a BCCI official said. 

With multiple T20 leagues around the world, the game of cricket is changing rapidly. 

The cricketer takes an international break to compete in these T20 leagues as he makes more money with less strain on his body. 

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Thanks to the Indian Premier League (IPL), the pioneer of cricket league and a brand whose reputation continues to grow. 

CPL, BBL and PSL are some of the world’s major leagues that emerged after the  emergence of the IPL and its success. 

There will be two more leagues  next year in the form of the CSA T20 League and the ILT20. 

Many international stars have  signed up for the two new leagues, including Quinton de His Cook and Kieron Pollard. 

Can Indian players play in overseas leagues? 

The answer is no and yes. No, when it comes to current world stars like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. 

Or  players who are still in compliance with the BCCI contract or play domestic cricket. 

Players must announce their retirement from international and domestic cricket to participate in such leagues. MS Dhoni plays in foreign leagues such as ILT20 and CSA T20 leagues. 

MS Dhoni can only be played abroad like CSA T20: BCCI officially announced 
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Can MSD do it? 

Many of his fans are excited to see Dhoni play in overseas leagues  especially after the Chennai Super Kings purchased his CSA T20 league squad. 

CSK  bought the franchise in Johannesburg, but it doesn’t have a name yet. Rumor has it that Dhoni can act as her mentor. 

However,  in an interview with the Indian Express, BCCI officials dismissed all these rumors, saying that even Dhoni, who has retired from international cricket, cannot play in any league other than the  IPL.  

He said: “It is clear that Indian players, including domestic players, cannot participate in other leagues until they withdraw from all forms of gaming. 

If players wish to participate in these upcoming games, the only way is to sever all ties with the BCCI. 

The same he said a BCCI official commented on Dhoni’s case. Dhoni may have retired from international cricket, but he must also retire from the IPL  to play or assume a role in a foreign team.

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